I’m Andrea and You’re Not

Congratulations to Jeff Johnson who inadvertently named my new blog!  There were lots of good ideas for sure, thanks for that.  I thought I’d go with this one for several reasons:

1.  It made me laugh.

2. It suggests an inflated self concept.  Which in hindsight, I’ve had both a deflated and an inflated sense of self….both are troublesome.  Maybe it’s easier to let a little air out rather than breathe life into something.  Yes…like the kiddie pool out back…I’m much more fun fully inflated.

3.  It has my name in it.

4.  It omits the word ‘mommy’.  There are a slew of mommy blogs out there.  I will never forget that I am a mommy.  I will never let you forget that I am a mommy.  Maybe I want to write about something else…eventually.

5.  I can always blame Jeff if this blog bombs.


Now a list of what you will see and what you will NOT see on my blog.

Will See

1. Recycled Facebook posts.  Considering my original name for this blog was going to be TheMommyBlogIDon’tHaveTimetoWrite you should act so surprised.

2.  Funny pictures of adorable children or vice versa.

3. Sarcasm mixed with sincerity

Will Not See

1. Pictures of poop or kids on the potty.   Yeah….trust me…I’ve learned my lesson.

2. Anything political.  The election is now over.

3.  Anything sports related. Unless I say, “While I write my husband cheers on the Bears game in the next room”


Hey…anything else is fair game.

Gotta Love It!



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