The Christmas Letter that I Didn’t Send

2012 has been a year of national triumphs and tragedies… The Olympics, the Presidential Election, the Aurora movie theatre shootings, and the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings being several of the most pronounced events.

It’s time to take a moment to reflect on the far less dramatic year of the Angileri’s. We are very fortunate to have had no personal tragedies this year, which we take in deep appreciation. No births and no deaths. A year of raising children, raising eyebrows, job hunting, job finding, job reappreciation, school drop offs, school pick ups, dance competitions, t-ball, and Minecraft.

Joe has celebrated (Hurray!) another year at Hayes Distributing (Miller beer products). He has traded in his former uniform of yesteryear to business casual as a relief salesman. In June, Joe was recognized as ‘Employee of the Month’. Joe keeps pretty busy with work around the holidays, but makes it home with plenty of time to hang out with the family. His vacation time is building, which is wonderful, as we have a couple Dells trips coming up this next year. Joe continues to throw off people he hasn’t seen in a long time as they rub his bald head. I’m sure it never gets old…and I’m sure he appreciates being a part of this holiday letter. We celebrated 13 years of marriage this year. We continue to learn, love, laugh, pick up the house, and grow together.

I have kept things interesting this year by posting all of my business on Facebook, ‘Oversharenting’ as a talk show guest turned promoter, opting for some Mommy Makeover procedures, starting a blog, job hunting and job finding. In October, I began a part-time job for Illinois Child Care Bureau, one of the 3 food programs for home daycare providers in the area. I have 105 daycare providers that I see 3x a year. Basically, I come into their homes, pet their dogs, smile at the kids, and go over records, menus, paperwork, and observe a breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner. I enjoy it, because I like working with daycare providers, enjoy the flexibility, and am past my ‘blowing off tolls to make it to a job interview’ rock bottom. I will be celebrating 23 years as a student (discounting any preschool experience) this next year, opting to go from Ed.D to Ed.S as to not face a 24-25th year, because that is just crazy and where is my beach house property anyways? I will graduate in July 2013.

Dominic has had a great year with dance, starting out in January with LDP going down to Springfield to represent Boone County at the state talent show and ending in Wisconsin Dells for the Legacy Nationals. Dom and a couple LDP buds were back up work out kids on ‘The Steve Harvey show’. Dom transitioned very well into middle school and parochial school at St. Bernadette’s. He enjoys the kids and teachers, which we are happy about. Dom enjoys playing soccer at PE/recess and is entertaining the idea of trying it out next year.

Joey is in third grade, and we are fortunate that his prior Kindergarten teacher is his 3rd grade teacher now. He is reading above his grade level, and despite his occasional headaches, Joey enjoys school and smiles and waves every morning at school drop off. Joey enjoys drawing and has started to use technology not just as entertainment and artistic expression, but for educational value. Tonight he was showing me clips about advances in brain wave robotics and vending machines that produce pizza. Joey continues to build an interesting vocabulary, latest word….doppelganger.

Tony started his second year of preschool at West View. It has been rewarding to see him go from the first weeks last year crying for mom to a confident little student. Some of his buddies moved on to kindergarten, but he made a new batch this year. Tony has had the same preschool teacher and aide both years, which is great! We’ll work on introducing sight words over Christmas break if I’m on my ‘A ‘ game. Tony was introduced to extra-curricular activities this year, playing t-ball over the summer. Practices and games were a commitment, and Tony admitted ‘snack’ was his favorite part. He really liked his coach, learned a little, and was darn cute in his uniform (Yes…even while sitting on the toilet 😉 )

Maria keeps on impressing with her cute little angelic face. She has made her way out of the ‘twos’ on a good note, potty training success!… (give or take a couple toilet paper squares). She had her adenoids removed and tubes put in early this year. Maria excels at physical development, keeping up with the boys at the playground and getting herself dressed and undressed repeatedly. Her cognitive skills are kicking in, she surprised us with early alphabet recognition and continues to use creative and messy problem-solving and artistic expression antics. Tomorrow we go to her preschool screening, hopefully preschool next year to kick up those language and social skills. It will be a good thing for her (and mom).

So….that’s about it. Our year, give or take a thumbing through a calendar to see what I’m missing. We hope 2013 brings good health and happiness for you and yours!

ImageJoe and Andrea


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Letter that I Didn’t Send

  1. Ed.D vs. Ed.S, please explain the difference in these degrees. Just for my own curiosity,
    Aunt Patty
    PS. You sound like a teacher in this letter (as well as a Mommy). And that, my dear, should be taken as the complement I ment it to be. Love to you all.

    • The Ed.D requires 54 credit hours vs. the Ed.S with 36 credit hours. The Ed.D requires a three day residency (which I already did) and a project study, which is a dissertation on a gap in practice somewhere in higher education. The course work is similar and each related to higher education and adult learning. The Ed.D requires much more researching. Not all schools offer the Ed.S. It’s a nice way for doctoral students to leave with something to show. Both degrees focus on adult learning. If I wanted to teach at a university, a Ph.D in Child Development would be an alternative route, but I’m pretty content with my position at the college right now.

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