I am a Tree Killer and the Lorax is Pissed

I am a Tree Killer and the Lorax is Pissed

Written by: Andrea Angileri

No…I am not making thneeds, though the idea of making millions by creating a multi-purpose scrap of fabric is right down my alley.  I enjoyed the movie ‘The Lorax’.  I’m convinced that I want hair like the kind that grows on the trees from the movie, am pretty sure that I am following Rob Riggle on Twitter solely based on his performance on Aloysius O’Hare (FYI: he’s a bit of a sports buff), and thought I saw that Bruno Mars had something to do with the music (proving my theory that Bruno Mars can do no wrong).  No…my idea that Danny Devito would shake his hairy finger and tell me “You have been warned!” refers to my current project….weeding through my accumulation of paper.  Sure, a typical house might have typical paperwork…manuals…kid momentos…bills, but combine that with the paperwork involved in my multiple jobs  and my tendency to be file cabinet  illiterate and you get a big mess.

In my attempt to carve out a little corner of my house for me and my paper hoard, I have brought every single piece upstairs to create a play room/ office.  Since my husband shares his man-cave with our three sons it seems fair that I share my corner with tubs of Thomas the train sets.  Now, when I first brought all of my stuff up there in the affectionately called ‘crap room’, it was pretty bad.  It was pretty ‘Hoarders’ worthy…though I don’t THINK there were any dead cats up there…’Fluffy’?…..”Tigger?”.  If I were to be on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ and Wayne Brady offered 50 bucks for a middle school note, a manual for a T.V. you no longer have, or a lesson plan on how to make a lemon demonstrate electricity, I would be in luck!  I could also go dressed up as my minivan and be just as lucky.  The beauty of the room was that I decluttered (to the best of my ability) every other room in the house and could close the door to this room and be content. The ugliness of the room is the room.  After many decluttering sessions accompanied by revisited tapes and CDs there is progress.  There is something about jamming to The Jets ‘Rocket 2 U’ that really gets those hanging file folders moving.

My supervisor is going to be supplying me with 110 binders for my 110 provider caseload next week.  There is hope that I will have floor space if I keep it up!  By the way, I just told my 5 year old to use ‘scrap paper’ because ‘The Lorax would be proud’ to which he disgustedly replied…”UGHH!…It’s just a show!”  Reminder to self: Follow Ed Helms on Twitter next.


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