Witty Wed Motherhood

It’s that time of year again where people are making resolutions on the 2013 New Year.  Many will  make diet promises….but what of the skinny folk?  I know what you’re thinking….”Shut up with your little skinny girl blog post…I don’t want to hear it!”…but hear me out on this one.   Just like being on the ‘thick’ side, the ‘scrawny’ side has its own unique experiences.  It takes a lot of backbone to bring this up….and I have plenty of protruding backbone.  So, let’s start with the comical and blend in the psychology.

Take a recent exchange:

Former Boss: “Look at you….you’re still a skinny bitch aren’t you?”

Me: “Yep”

Could you ever replace the word ‘skinny’ for ‘fat’ in this sentence and still continue a friendly conversation? Just sayin’

Here’s another example:

“You’re so skinny…you make me sick.”

Again…replacing the word ‘skinny’ with ‘fat’ would earn you a well-deserved slap…but…

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