Rerun: Childhood Cinema

Witty Wed Motherhood

Childhood Cinema

A brief psychological analysis of some of my favorite childhood movies.

Annie  Annie

A sweet but sassy red headed orphan gets her ‘big break’ by spending a week in billionaire Daddy Warbuck’s home.  Only doing this for his image, and preferring a boy orphan, Daddy Warbuck’s eventually (with Grace’s help) gets to realizing that money isn’t everything.  He manages to get Annie away from the girl orphanage run by Miss Hannigan, an alcoholic that eludes to abusive tendencies…but hey..she’s played by Carol Burnett so it’s all in good fun.  Miss Hannigan throws herself at every service man… but what chance does she have at love  being the sole adult in a ridiculous child-to-adult ratio?    Her jailbird brother and his lady friend pull Miss Hannigan into a locket scheme to get $50,000 as Annie’s fake bio parents…which eventually blows up in their face.  All is forgiven for Miss Hannigan…

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