Previously named ‘Co-sleeping: Bonding or Bondage’ but I had to rename because I was attracting the wrong crowd I think.

Witty Wed Motherhood

You wake up with heavy, groggy eyes and it slowly begins to dawn on you that you are not in your familiar bed.  You notice the feminine curtains…the wall decor…and turn to see a snoring beauty at your side.  “Crap!” you mouth, “I did it again”.  You slither out of bed and do a sneak crawl out the door.  It sounds like an intro to a romantic comedy movie right?  The whole ‘one night stand’ scene.  Except…let’s rewind back…those ‘feminine’ curtains?  bubble gum pink….the wall decor? Toddleresque princess….the snoring beauty?…your 2 year old daughter.  You’ve been a victim of co-sleeping my friend.  It’s a scene right out of a movie alright…except it’s the opening scene of my theoretical pilot comedy series appropriately entitled “A Day in the Life”.

Co-sleeping is basically the sleeping arrangement that involves the family in some form or another.  Some cultures do it out of necessity…cramped…

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