Witty Wed Motherhood

My daughter is going through the Punky Brewster phase.  Punky Brewster was an adorably headstrong girl who had mixed match fashion sense.   I don’t remember Punky changing 10 times a day or  screaming alot, but there are similarities.  Take today for instance, I lay out a cute pair of jeans, a pink long-sleeved shirt, with socks to match.  Maria favors the inside out watermelon summer dress with pink and orange leggings, and purple socks.  If she only could bear sitting for a comb through her hair longer than a couple minutes maybe we’d see pigtails.

Socks.  I always wondered what happens to a freshly opened package of socks.  Now I know.  McDonald’s play area happens…running outside without your shoes on happens….throwing a sock behind the couch happens…the large basket of orphan socks happens.  Punky was known to wear two different colored socks and two different shoes…on purpose.

Punky wasn’t…

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