Overheard Comments at the Local W*Mart

Overheard Comments at the Local W*Mart

Written By: Andrea Angileri

                Look…we all know what the ‘W’ stands for, are familiar with the viral pics, and have our own feelings behind it.  I’m not here to promote any social awareness…I’m way too tired for that.  Truth is the W*Mart is close in proximity and I like to save money…so I can splurge on things like time shares, plastic surgery, and doctoral programs.  Here are copy and paste from a ‘could of gone further’ group I started on Facebook in 2008.

May 1, 2009   Two separate conversations about a relative ‘doing time’

 February 6, 2009  Have been to W*mart about 4 x in the last week. Of what I remember one night I had two carts at 10 pm at night and in the parking lot one of the wheels got ‘stuck’ and I looked down and found it was ‘stuck’ on used diaper…nice.

January 11, 2009 “PAPI….BANDAIDS!!!!”

January 11, 2009 1/11/09 

At first I just overheard several irrelevant comments like, 

“There’s never enough food at home”
“That ain’t nothin’ but fat”
“Do you guys want pop or Gatorade with your lunches”

Then at the checkout I heard
“Oh My GOD! You don’t like Arby’s sauce?!”

12/30/08 Went to W*mart around 6:00 pm. Took my 1 yr old. he did pretty well but wanted everything edible that I put in cart. I had to bust open a box of goldfish crackers. I didn’t overhear anything but “He dropped his sock” and “Is this yours?” after Tony’s loose Christmas slipper socks fell off about every aisle. I might have heard something from the people in front of me, but my Spanish is not that great. The lady behind me struck up a conversation about the Chicago Bears. On the way out I heard a distant “Son of a Bitch!” Then there was me grumbling because the sleet was hitting me in the face and I realized that I had Goodwill bags hogging up the trunk. 

Pretty uneventful though.

Here’s a space for you to leave your own overheard comments….



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