Am I A.D.D. or Is it the Kids? Part 1

Am I Just A.D.D. or Is it the Kids? Part One
Written by: Andrea Angileri

This is a question that I ask myself from time to time, ‘Am I Just A.D.D. or Is it the Kids?’, maybe you’ve asked yourself the same ?. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a topic that I’ve had much interest in for various reasons. First for myself, secondly for my children, and thirdly for many of the people that I encounter in my life. My form tends to be the A.D.D. end, think Claire Danes playing Angela Chase in ‘My So-Called Life’. This form contrasts with the Ty Pennington type, which is much more hyperactive and ambitious. In my own defense, I consider myself plenty ambitious, I have four children, and just as many jobs, I am also completing my Ed.S online.

Teaching. Here is a typical discussion of me teaching. “Today we are going to learn how to ride a bike. First, you put on a helmet. Second, you balance yourself on the bike.”
(Hand raises) “How do you balance?”
Me, “Well you kind of move your body in the middle ….you know that’s a good question, “How do you balance…I mean how do you really ever keep yourself in balance in life? Ha”
“Back to lesson …Thirdly, You put one foot on the pedal and….hey have you ever noticed how some people just ride their bikes obliviously to the traffic? I mean really…just move OVER. I haven’t rode a bike in years. What do you all think about the whole Lance Armstrong thing anyways?”
Yes, I do go off in tangents when I teach. To my defense, my students enable me sometimes and in addition, I don’t really teach bicycle skills (thank God). I learn to play on the strengths of A.D.D. and use my creativity and spontaneity, sometimes to my benefit.
Is it the Kids? Kids make you FEEL like you have A.D.D. You are constantly multi-tasking. Turn the stovetop on to boil water, someone cries, “Is there blood?” you ask, you check, you get an ice pack, the phone rings, oh..there’s the mailman, “Is the check in the mail?”. Oh…that’s right the pot has boiled over with water. You really shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.
I will go on and on with this particular topic, as people with ADD/ADHD will do with things that interest them. However, let me point out something for others who are struggling with this area. Who were you BEFORE you had kids? Were you the bad teen driver? Did you do flighty things that your high school friends can attest to? Was your room a mess? Did you ‘keep busy’? Did you get kicked out of slumber parties because you talked too much? (kidding, maybe it was just school) If you can pinpoint these things to before you had kids than it is worth investigating. Eat right, exercise, get rest (ha ha), but all said to help. Use your strengths, make lists, use technology to assist you (be careful for addiction), read up on it, keep posted here for more!


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