The Angileri Hunger Games

 1.  Let’s see how many groceries we can eat while Mom and Dad try to put the supply away.

  2.  A box of 200 freeze pops?  Rainbow colored self control issues for weeks.

  3.  A 2 pack box of Lucky Charms?  Silly Mommy…at least Trix doesn’t have marshmallows and gets completely eaten.

  4.  After the kids go to sleep mom trades her glass of wine in for ice cream or the ‘good’ cookies.

  5.  Let’s play ‘Which food group gets left behind?”…vegetables WIN..AGAIN!

  6.  How many ingredients on this label can we pronounce?  Now let’s count.

  7.  Hiding things in the fridge/ cabinet so nobody else finds and eats it….has been known to go grossly ‘out of bounds’. Which leads to game #8

  8.  The food ended up where?…in what room?  

  9.  What can I make without mom’s help?  What can mom even make?

10.  How many days can we avoid the store? and it’s inevitable sequel ‘How much money can we spend at the store?’



2 thoughts on “The Angileri Hunger Games

  1. As a father, I know my young ones will make these “hunger games” real in my home. As a son…..I feel for you, ’cause I remember doing ALL of these things to my single mother of 4 boys. It’s a wonder she didn’t throw us all in Thunderdome.

    “Four boys enter, one boy leaves!”

    I read your “no” post on PlayroundDad. Funny chick. I really enjoyed it, and it gave me a little more insight when trying to be a decent husband (I said decent, not good,….let alone great).

    The Cheeky Daddy

  2. Thanks/ I will instantly follow you/ Jason (The Cheeky Daddy). I’ll just start calling the basement the Thunderdome now. I appreciate the comment and the time you took to read blog/ post comment. I didn’t realize Playground post up the ‘no’ post today, haha…I’ll have to figure out if I’ll FB share it or not.

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