The Hardest Big Game to Hunt

In October, I was very blessed to find an ideal job for me.  It is part-time and flexible, and suits me to a T.  I remember this time of job hunt angst. Ugh…. 



The Hardest Big Game to Hunt


Hunters seem to disagree on what is the most difficult, dangerous big game to hunt.  Some say it’s buffalo, others say the black rhino, still others the boar, perhaps the lion.  But from my experience the hardest big game to hunt is…the job.   Ten years ago, I would apply for a job, get a call, do a quick interview and be thrown my apron, roster, nametag, what have you, to start Monday.   Now, I know about the economy…and I’m not here to discuss politics…I’m sure God loves both the candidates.  I’m sure I lost a few of you there, but for those who keep reading let’s talk more.

Since July I have for applied for an approximate 50 jobs, give or take 20.  Now, I love my RVC teaching position, my 1-2x a month YWCA trainings, my occasional advising job, my ‘as needed’ daycare gig, my student loan earnings, even the extremely low paying (though rewarding) job of being  a mother of 4 and wife…..but my ‘woman’ made debt requires a wee bit more.   

Upon my hunt, I have pursued every animal in the field.  I’ve applied for academic, sales, retail, restaurant, medical.  When AppleBee’s never called back I even double checked that a past boss didn’t blacklist me from waitressing.   Heck, even the ‘Family Video’ store requires a ‘fun and outgoing’ personality…really?  What happened to just showing up on time to get a job.  Now you need a dazzling personality to recommend romantic comedies?  I suppose the human interaction must compete with the non-human interaction service of Netflix and Redbox .  Did I mention I am an avid Netflixer?

I had my 1,000th background and fingerprint check to be put on the sub list.  The maximum district sections I could chose was 12, so if you live in Boone, Winnebago, Rockton, Harlem, Roscoe, or S. Beloit and your child reports that they ‘had a sub that didn’t know what the hell they were doing’….it’s was probably me.

There were 3 interviews. For the first interview,  I positioned my bow a little low, fired my overqualifications, and missed.  For the second one, I put in that ammo with all my credentials… I cocked the gun with my best interview  answers… I fired  my ‘dazzling’ personality and missed by 3 interviewees.  The last interview I went in head first, arms held out to with best hope to my bare hands.  All 3 were a ‘no’, but I think Santa Claus might have my back…his management gave me a head nod on a separate call, and obviously everyone on the job online board thinks I’d be a fantastic life insurance agent.   It’s like waiting for that cute kid that sits behind you in Chemistry class to finally call you….but instead you get annoying ‘so and so’.  Except that cute kid is a job, and the annoying ‘so and so’ is named Bill.    

The point is, I’ve laughed with the sinners and cried with the saints over this stupid job hunt…and yes, I’m still pursuing my doctorate.  Once in a while I just shoot out in the open field and what to see if I hit anything, while the remainder for the time, I chill out in my camouflage jumper…but it gets a little hot under the collar after too long.   No doubt my ears are perked, I’m ready for the go ahead….maybe I’ll shoot a squirrel if I get hungry enough.

  God is looking out for me, he’ll put it within my reach….I just need to sit quietly and wait.


2 thoughts on “The Hardest Big Game to Hunt

  1. Good luck from a fellow PhD student/teacher/mamma…love the metaphor here. I will be holding an arrow for weeks now, thanks to you:)

    • Best wishes Kim! I did transfer from the Ed.D to the Ed.S program, after some self heart to heart talk and a pinky swear with a fellow student to do the same! Love to mingle with other doctoral Mama’s though…we are few and far between 🙂

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