Time..on my hands…gross.

I have time on my hands…and it’s gross.  No, not really…but it is ironic.  As mothers of young children, we always think we need more TIME to ourselves.  Here I am…out of town for work…but with a big l-o-n-g gap of time.  See, I have to catch different mealtimes for daycare providers.  I have seen 3 for lunch and now I need to see a dinner. I am in the Bermuda triangle between Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  I ate. I have gone to the casino…where I magically turned $5 into a half tank of gas, and now I am at a small town library.  I’m tired of my email and social media.  It’s only fun when you sneak it to distract you during the stresses of a typical day. 

It feels a little like how I felt post-baby when I showed up at the library and just stood there realizing, “I don’t know which authors I even like anymore.”  I can’t commit to a book here because I’m not driving back 2 hours to return it. Besides that…I don’t feel like reading.  I am listening to a 10 disc audiobook with an English accent in my car for the trip.  I don’t feel like blogging either…but that isn’t stopping me. I got my shopping jag out of the way last night when I purchased a white dresser for 3 year olds room, a cool loft bed for the boys, and a mattress online from Walmart .  If only I listened to my 9 year olds wisdom.  He recently said, “Remember…the Walmart card isn’t infinite”. 

See…you think you want time to yourself…which is great…except when it isn’t.   

In the distance I hear Super Mario Brothers Mario Kart.  Why? Why do I hear video games at a library?  It is only to remind me that I have small children.  It’s like a comfort background noise from home.  I have grabbed a book called, “The Pampered Child Syndrome”.  It is a short book.  There is a girl of about 3 eating a double scoop ice cream cone.  It’s by Maggie Mamen (might as well give credit where credit is due).  The picture is fuzzy, but it might as well be my daughter’s face.  Damn…I think I’m going to put the book back soon and find an ice cream parlor.  Mmm… ice cream…A.D.D..kicks in…fade to black.


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