BloggyCon 13

BloggyCon ‘13

Written By: Andrea Angileri

I only find this typical of me suitable because it is the last day of 2013 and I have not yet blogged about attending my first blogging conference.  I began blogging because my Facebook status updates were leading to notes.  I knew I had things to say that nobody wanted to hear a select audience would appreciate.  At first, blogging was fun.  I had lots of views and stretched my neck out to other bloggers who were gracious enough to let me guest blog.  I planned to attend a blogging conference in Ohio.  Ohio….a 7 hour drive…what optimism!  After a while I fell into an ‘STD’….’Stats Trap Depression’.  How did my views go from hundred to goose eggs?  Why did I care?  Aren’t I blogging for myself?  I found Twitter.  My blogs grew fewer.  Still….when the big conference arrived I was hopeful.  My husband and I packed up for our longest married road trip.  We did well because I absorbed myself in Netflix   we love each other deeply.




From Illinois, I was familiar with Lake Michigan and found Lake Erie equally beautiful.  The line to check in was as long-winded as my earliest blog posts.  But, the Halloween atmosphere was cool and the check-in staff was courteous.   I quickly learned to change the adjective ‘outdated’ with ‘historic’ and we moved on.  It was breezy, but hubby and I walked the shore.   I beamed like a 6 year old at a birthday party when I was  handed my bag o blogging goodies.    Then we ate hot dogs…like 6 year olds at a birthday party.  What shall we do tonight?   We did what every couple without kids does…we went to the hotel’s TGIF’s.   The artichoke spinach cone was not enough to satisfy my appetite original.  My husband took an Instagram…but of his receipt.


The next day I was ready to get my conference room on.  It was like a little hide and seek game, but I found the main room.  I had my expectations realistic.  I would be open to receiving as much information as I can squeeze into my already cluttered mind, while meeting a few people that I would hope to remember to contact again.  My realistic expectations were met.  Lots of really good information about the blogging world.  I learned about monetizing your blog, niche-marketing, photography, making contacts, and how to get a Honda Van for a week.


To be honest…as if I lie…I felt like I was at my Ed.D residency.  A bunch of really cool people with lots of information who knew what the hell they were doing.   Did I mention that I later bowed out gracefully with my Ed.S?  It’s o.k. … I wasn’t the only one.  That said, I appreciate all the efforts going into it to organize and get the conference in motion.  It’s nice to look around and see  other bloggers off-line in person.

My husband and I wandered around CedarPoint equally amazed at all the awesome rides that we wouldn’t wait in line for.  He made eye contact with the cartoonist and I averted my eyes.  It was like I knew BitStrips would be the next best thing.  We admired families with kids, bought souvenirs for our 4 left behind children and silently wondered, “What  would our kids think of all this?”…then we took a nap.  After our 5 p.m. nap we got a little crazy and  went to the mall.  Our waitress was the nicest Snooki impersonator you ever did meet.



The last day, I was ready to pack up and get back to flavored Starbuck’s my kids.   A head full of ideas…a shoe full of sand.   I realized that there would be a place for me as a blogger if I chose to pursue it more seriously…though as a person who forgot how many irons I actually threw in the fire…it would have to wait…for now…




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