A Typical Thursday

A Typical Thursday
Written By: Andrea Angileri, Ed.S

I realized during a #ThrowbackThursday post that over two decades ago a typical Thursday would be spent like this:
8 a.m. to 3 p.m. high school
Home to change and eat
4-9pm part-time job at local grocery store (in the bakery department)

This got me thinking that I would do a quick anecdotal –like rundown of a random Thursday…two decades later.
5:00 a.m. Wake up, make coffee, take care of dogs, watch ‘Mom’ t.v.

6:00 a.m. Say ‘Good morning’ to first kid awake, switch T.V. to ‘Spongebob’

Kid falls back asleep on couch, change back to ‘Mom’ T.V.

6:40-7:25 Wake up kids, get ready for school/work, leave

8:00 All kids at school, drive 30 minutes for CDA Verification visit

Go to Wal-mart for baby shower gifts and price check for baby shower game

10:40 Pick up preschooler (child #1), no food monitoring visits today, so preschooler comes home with me (she protests).

Home to shower and get in comfortable clothes, eat lunch, keep preschooler busy, take care of dogs, laundry, dishwasher,

work emails, scan and send ‘advising contact log’ papers, enter CDA visit, post a previously written blog post, goof around on Facebook, watch 10

minutes of ‘Super Soul Sunday’

2:10-2:25 Pick up child #2 and #3

Get back into dress clothes, makeup

3:00 Pick up child #4

Homework, dinner prep, stock handouts for weekend training, distract kids from ‘Can we go to park, dollar store, Nana’s house?’ demands, it will be the first day of the week we don’t go to the park.

5:00 Drop off kids at Nana’s house

5:30 Get to community college where I teach as adjunct, make copies, avoid room (as we are having a student-led ‘surprise baby shower’ for two pregnant students).6-8p.m. Surprise baby shower, teacher evaluations, announcements, make-up tests, answering questions, grading, filing

8:40 Home….but where is everybody? Tend to dogs and try to track family down, realize husband had late meeting, pick up kids at ‘Nana and Nanu’s’ house.

9:00 Get home with kids, in walks husband, catch up on his day, type this up

9:45 Publish this and then ‘Mom’ T.V. until I pass out

This is a typical Thursday for me. Just wanted a little documented reminder of what my life looked like at 38 years old.


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