If Ever I…

If ever I feel discouraged I will remember:

I took my children to school in the morning, so that they can learn and grow.

I still have young children at home who spill milk, treat running out of batteries as a crisis, want to explain video games to me, and even if they don’t obviously state “LOOK AT ME” still need my attention and time.  Other things can wait.

I work as much as is comfortable for me, and things like daycare, illness, random school days off, and just any other thing that pops up being a parent will remind me about how trying being any type of working parent truly can be.  I will be grateful that I have a job.

Whatever I lack in organization, I make up for in creativity.

If it suits me to do something relaxing in the moment, I need not feel ‘guilty’ because the day is young and chances are I really need to prepare for something chaotic in the next moment.

There are people suffering great loss and tragedy in this world, and there is nothing I have experienced in my life that I have not been able to overcome…thank God.

I will seek subtle amusement over knowing I made somebody somewhere smile at some point over something I shared on social media…even if it is just me.

I am healthy and (with effort) can feel even more vibrant in my health.

Even when my socioeconomic status seems to be jumping on a trampoline near the Grand Canyon, I will appreciate the gained perspective and keep my balance.  There are many more people who have less and don’t have the resources to ever gain more.

I have stretched my self in my educational journey as far as I possibly could go….all while having small children at home.

I will remember that feelings are fickle and will know from experience not to overly depend on them.

I have people in my  life who are there for me if I ever I need encouragement outside of what I can provide…and if that ever not be enough, my faith in God will get me through anything.