Childhood Cinema

Childhood Cinema

A brief psychological analysis of some of my favorite childhood movies.

Annie  Annie

A sweet but sassy red headed orphan gets her ‘big break’ by spending a week in billionaire Daddy Warbuck’s home.  Only doing this for his image, and preferring a boy orphan, Daddy Warbuck’s eventually (with Grace’s help) gets to realizing that money isn’t everything.  He manages to get Annie away from the girl orphanage run by Miss Hannigan, an alcoholic that eludes to abusive tendencies…but hey..she’s played by Carol Burnett so it’s all in good fun.  Miss Hannigan throws herself at every service man… but what chance does she have at love  being the sole adult in a ridiculous child-to-adult ratio?    Her jailbird brother and his lady friend pull Miss Hannigan into a locket scheme to get $50,000 as Annie’s fake bio parents…which eventually blows up in their face.  All is forgiven for Miss Hannigan as she rides an elephant during a grand finale of fireworks in which we know Annie is happily adopted by Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan, no doubt, will probably throw herself at Punjab as the credits roll.

The ‘rags to riches’ theme will never get old, sparking a T.V. series later, young girls (poor and rich alike) will at least want to sing and dance like the orphans.

Grease Grease

Goody Too Shoes Sandy from Australia meets Bad boy player Danny during a summer break.  When they end up at the same high school, they are harassed regularly by their friends and reminded that they have nothing in common.  A lame attempt by Danny to throw a letter sweater over his black t-shirt proves that men really aren’t capable of changing for women.  However, when Sandy finally curls her hair, puts on make-up, black leather pants, off shoulder shirt, and open-toed shoes that not only show pretty red polished toes but also have amazing cigarette butt smoldering powers, we learn that guys like that and the ability to say, “Tell me about it….stud” without getting a laugh.  We can only assume that the next day Danny and Sandy get married and go on to have plenty of little Danny and Sandys.  Girls everywhere will become obsessed with the ‘slut makeover’… and will sing plenty of Grease karaoke in their 20s.

Flashdance  flashdance

Energetic Alex has TWO jobs, she’s a welder by day and an exotic dancer by night.  She meets a nice guy and together with a big dog, a large studio apartment where she can dance like a ‘maniac’ with her legwarmers at will, and regular confession, she has what it takes to make that ballet audition.  Proving to girls that sometimes they just have to strip until they can get what they want.

Blue Lagoon  Blue Lagoon

Two kissing cousins end up shipwrecked on an island as kids.  They manage to pull it off and make due until adolescence.  Puberty hits and a scary stone statue face on the other side of the island creeps them out.  The movie ends with a baby, a boat, berries, and death.

Purple Rain  purple rain

‘The kid’ can’t get a break.  Despite his talent, he has a distracting home life, and has Morris ‘Star of the Show’ Day and his homies giving him grief.  He befriends Apollonia, an ample chested girl with just as big of a heart.  Though he gets mad at her and dedicates a raunchy song to her, they remember that they really like each other later.  The awkwardness of the inappropriate touching, brief nudity, and attempted suicide is overruled by some pretty cool Prince sing-a-longs.  ‘The kid’ saves the day and gets mad Morris props with ‘Purple Rain’ and end up being a star.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  Willy

The movie starts with a strange man in a candy shop singing and giving free candy away to school-agers.  We are then introduced to Charlie.  Charlie Bucket is a poor lad who lives with his mother and four grandparents  (who share the same bed).  The whole world goes crazy when 5 golden tickets from Willy Wonka’s factory are hidden.  One lady even wonders if she should give up her case of Wonka bars in exchange for her kidnapped husband.   Charlie is poor, so can’t afford much candy….but the movie wouldn’t be any fun if he didn’t win.  Eventually after a boy falls in a chocolate river, a girl turns into a blueberry, another girl down a garbage chute, and another boy shrinks into a T.V., Charlie beats all.  But wait….why the cold shoulder Willy?  Oh…that’s right…the ‘Everlasting Gobstopper’.  Charlie surrenders it and wins the jackpot.  A cheesy glass elevator suspending by string with the announcement that Charlie and his family will be forever slaves to run the chocolate factory.    The movie will be to boys what Annie was to girls,  Gene Wilder’s face will appear multiple times posed with his fist leaning on his head accompanied with many different witty expressions on Facebook, and the movie will support my theory that ‘Chocolate is MAGIC!’.

All movie images are copyrighted and were found on Google images.


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