Having it All

I wrote this awhile back for the sheer purpose of the $1200 prize and notoriety…neither of which would surface.  There might be a bit of ‘pre-employment’ angst in it.


  Having it “All” by Andrea Angileri

We all have heard the expression, many hope to have it, some even have an idea about what ‘it’ even means, and few can say that they have ‘it’ without a loophole pointed out by another.   When we say we have ‘it all’….what exactly is ‘all’?     One definition, found in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary,  defines ‘all’ as “greatest possible”.  What might this look like?  The “greatest possible” (for a mom) might mean a having a well-adjusted, nice looking, healthy, financially secure family, with one or more members who have a rewarding career ( lucrative enough that you are able to provide the essentials and then some for your family, but not so stressful that you still can’t come home by dinner with a smile on your face, ready to spend quality time with the family).  Children who like to clean up, have their hair brushed, listen, and donate to charities…naturally.  A father who says all the right things at all the right times, who is a hands-on provider.  A mother who cooks gourmet, cleans for fun, and manages to remember every appointment, game, family function, while looking awesome in the process….perfection!  A couple who has ‘date night’, are spontaneous, and constantly provide the ‘greatest possible’ role models to their children by being patient, loving, understanding, and…well…perfect. 

 Just typing this definition of ‘having it all’ has exhausted me.  No, I can’t say that by that definition I have the perfect life, but I can say that ‘Having it all’ is subjective.

            To me ‘Having it all’ means having the ‘greatest possible’ alright…but not what you might think.  ‘Having it all’ means that you have the ‘greatest possible’ outlook on what your particular situation is.  You understand that to some degree you will fall short, and that your life is not about making everybody continuously happy, but providing a respectable compromise towards family contentment.  With ‘having it all’ you know that circumstances change… babies are born, jobs are lost, relationships change, children grow,  bills are in the mailbox (O.k…maybe not everything changes).  ‘Having it all’ means having a sense of humor just as good as your sense of direction (Life direction…G.P.S takes care of the alternative ladies..and gentlemen).   As I sit here…alone…(in my two year old daughters room because they think that I am still out running errands)…I realize that I do have the ‘greatest possible’ for now.  I am a mother to four children, married for almost 13 years.  I work part-time (though this could be an euphemism for being ‘under-employed’), which allows me to do the ‘mom’ things that need to be done.  Children are taken to school, picked up, meals are served, homework is done, and the house is still standing.    As time passes, my idea of ‘having it all’ will change.   Now, I must go….emerge from the ‘pretty princess’ room to reveal myself to my family, so we can complete our ‘greatest possible’ Sunday afternoon together…and hope to live ‘happily ever after’. 


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