The L.A. Dream

The L.A. Dream

Written by: Andrea Angileri

A couple years back, my husband had a friend offer a quick palm read, which saw us living in the mountains.  We are Midwest folk, born and raised.  My only glances at mountains were from a distance from a hotel in Vegas.  My geography base stinks, so obviously I associate mountains with skiing in Colorado.  So, my compromise predicted fantasy city is L.A….not because I want it, but because the psychic saith so.  This little daydream is only aggravated when my oldest son does very well with his hip hop team during dance competition season.

I walk in the door complaining about the traffic, but my husband and I just look at each other and laugh.  We laugh because we are stinking rich, so the traffic is the least of our worries.  After a year or two of blogging, I was hired on as the head writer of one of the funniest and successful comedies of the decade.  I am the best paid writer in the world…because this is my little fantasy so it can be.  My hours are great, and they allow me to take all of the children to school and pick them up…oh who am I kidding…they are chauffeured everywhere by ‘Luke the Limo driver’.  My husband cracks open a beer and asks, “Remember when I used to deliver and sell this…now I have a whole beer empire.”  I take a quick swig of his beer and say, “Yeah….I remember when it was called ‘Miller’….’Angileri beer’ sure has a  nice ring to it.

My oldest son walks in and tells me about his days on the set of the teeny bop dance show that’s all the craze.

“Would you believe that Selena Gomez doesn’t even like chocolate?” he’d tell me about their little lunch break chat.

“That’s just bananas!” I say, while putting on my ridiculously glamorous sun hat so I can sit by the Olympic-sized pool.  “If you guys ever plan on getting this wedding planned you are going to have to compromise.”

My middle son walks in and tells me about the latest project he’s been working on at ‘Graphic Design’ camp,

“My series on the futuristic portal connecting Minecraft and Super Mario Land is going to be pitched to Pixar next week!”, he exclaims.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” we all say…in unison with in sync smiles…we do a family hug.

My youngest son comes in to join the fun.  His hair has been recently bleached blonde.

“Are you trying a new look?” I say.

“Oh, this…my agent says that ‘Sara Lee’ wanted my hair a little lighter for next week’s commercial”.

It’s been a little over a year since he’s been their youngest and most adorable spokesperson.  What’s even more wonderful is that they’ve found a way to make their products completely out of vegetables, but still tasting like pure sugar.

“Hey, maybe Selena Gomez might like to try that new line of cupcakes…she might like the vegetable chocolate flavor…who knows?”

My daughter walks in last…but certainly not least.

“How’d your meeting go with P.Diddy honey?”

She’d correct me instantly and remind me of what people call him now and then say,

“Wonderful, they are releasing my album next week!”.

My husband and I look at each other and smile and nod.  Her very loud voice has paid off for her…she has learned to use that intense lung capacity to become the next child singing superstar.  She’ll make an adorable diva.  She’s even let me start doing her hair…just kidding…she has ‘Sophia the Stylist’ for all that crap.

“Ah…that friend of yours who took that second to look at your palm and predict this years ago was right,” I say to my husband.

“You are as beautiful as ever…and  you look like you are 21,” says my husband.



2 thoughts on “The L.A. Dream

  1. I think you just piched a great idea for a tv show. Perhaps you should talk to your buddy Steve (harvey) and see what happens 🙂

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