You Know You Have a Few Kids If..


You Know You Have a Few Kids if…

1. You’ve ever asked yourself “Is this chocolate or poop?”….diehards lick to check.

2. You’ve said, ‘No…I don’t think it’s a booger’.

3. You say one child’s name and they all turned because they know how often you screw up their names.

4. No one comes to your house and ‘wonders’ if you have kids.

5. You’re thinking of inviting your pediatrician to the next family function…but not clear if it’s for safety measures or because you see him as often as your family.

6. You realize that your youngest child needs to ‘get out a little more’

7. ‘Tax return day’ is right up there with Christmas as your favorite holiday.

8. You wonder what teachers will think when they ‘get a load of this one’

9. You’ve ever had a ‘Dora vs. Oprah’ match

10. White socks with gray bottoms are a staple in your house.



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